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  • Flight of the Bumble Bee - Winner's Set
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  • Let´s Go!
  • Girls in jeans

  • "and you smiled over your shoulder for a minute i was stone cold sober i pulled you closer to my chest"// james arthur; say you won't let go
  • "look at me now, i'm falling i can't even talk, still stuttering  this ground of mine keeps shaking oh oh oh, now"// the vamps; somebody to you
  • "now tell me who's the fairest is it you, is it you, is it me, is it me,
say it's us say it's us and i'll agree, baby"// bruno mars; that's what I like
  • "i got fever highs
i got boiling blood
i'm that fire kind
we could burn together"// tove lo; cool girl

  • Xena (May delete this set)
  • Give Me Your Forever (Prom Gets A Twist)
  • She Walks The Street So Mean; You Wouldn't Believe She's Only Nineteen
  • Am I In Love With You or In Love With The Feeling?
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  • Festival Fashion
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